American Public Gardens Association Conference 2018

Southern California

June 4-8, 2018

Palm Extravaganza
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Fri June, 08 - 11:45am to 6:00pm
Orange County
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This tour has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Experience the wide range of palms growing in Southern California, from a hobbyist’s private collection to a large display encompassing a premier shopping mall! View mature, rare, and exotic palm species used in creative landscapes. This unique tour will be guided by the president of the Palm Society of Southern California, Larry Black. Begin your palm extravaganza by visiting a private garden created by Larry Black. Inspired by trips to Hawaii, he began creating his tropical palm oasis 20 years ago.

This lush, intimate garden boasts over 200 palm species tastefully mixed with other tropical flora. His interest in collecting unusual palm species and his flair for cultivating nature has created a palm lovers paradise. After viewing the residential garden, we will proceed to the premier mall of Southern California, South Coast Plaza where we will tour this unique setting. The core of the palm collection was acquired from the estate of Dr. A.J. Vance of Los Angeles, California, in 1986. The magnificent Cuban royal palms lining the street are just one of the notable features you will appreciate when touring this unique site.