American Public Gardens Association Conference 2018

Southern California

June 4-8, 2018

Collect, Model, and Interpret Soil Moisture Probe Data for Optimal Growing Conditions
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Wed June, 06 - 9:00am to 10:00am
L. Sarver, TUCOR INC, Harmony, Pennsylvania

Multi Sensor Soil Moisture Probes collect water and soil moisture data throughout a site and down to a depth of sixty inches.  The collected data can help your garden determine what level of irrigation is needed or not needed at any given time.  Visualization of this collected data can be used to provide very accurate predictions of when irrigation water should be applied to maintain optimal growing conditions.  Moisture data shows real-time water use and root activity during the day and night. The data will also tell your garden employees when you are over-watering and how much water you are wasting outside a sites root zone.  Learn how to improve plant health, resilience, and longevity by creating an optimal root environment where your plants can thrive for years to come and save water doing it.   

There is no cost to attend this workshop however pre-registration is required for space purposes.  

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