American Public Gardens Association Conference 2018

Southern California

June 4-8, 2018

2018 Presenter and Moderator Information

This page contains all pertinent information for 2018 Conference Presenters and Moderators.


A/V & Room Set-up Information

IMPORTANT - We do not provide laptops.
Presenters & moderators are responsible for bringing a laptop from which to run the presentation(s) and, if this machine is not VGA compatible (15-pin, see picture to the right), any necessary adapters.

Audio / Visual Equipment:
The Standard A/V package that will be provided for both concurrent sessions* and workshops includes the following:

  • LCD projector 
  • Screen
  • Power strip and cabling
  • Presentation remote w/laser pointer
  • 1 wired microphone at the podium
  • 1 auxiliary audio line at podium (to run sound from laptop)
  • 1 wired microphone at the head table (for panelists to share)​

If you have special needs that are not covered by the Standard Package described here, please email Ken Annan ( by Monday, April 2 with your request and the name of the session to which it applies. We will do everything we can to try and accommodate your needs.

Room Set-Up:

Concurrent sessions and professional section meetings will be provided with a podium and head table at the front of the room with theater style seating for attendees.

Workshops will be provided with a podium and head table at the front of the room and classroom style eating for attendees.

You are welcome to rearrange furniture but we ask that you please return it to its original setting before the end of your session, so that it's ready for the next event.


2018 Conference Powerpoint Presentations:

Like last year, we are NOT requiring the use of an Association provided PowerPoint template. Presenters can use whatever template they choose but should format presentations based on the appropriate dimensions to ensure they display properly.

Dimensions for presentations should be formatted in the Standard 4:3 size.